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March 18th, 2007:

Harper’s big biz buddies

Harper said the Conservatives represent the interests of “hard-working people who didn’t have the time to stage protests or the money to hire lobbyists.”


Of course, the Reform Conservatives certainly DO have the money to do both of the above. According to the Elections Canada database (which is very useful!), for the 2006 election, the Harperites were given $1.96 million by corporations. The Liberals received slightly less at $1.82 million and, not surprisingly, the NDP convinced businesses to part with $129,000.

Those whom Harper refers to as having time to stage protests, like the Greens, received only $16,000 smackeroos from business! Hardly enough to stage one of those pesky protests and not even close to retaining a half-decent lobbyist!

Maybe, if ol‘ Dead Eyes were serious about representing the interests of hard-working people, he should give back the almost 2 million that he and his cronies received for the last election.

Well, he can keep the equivalent of what the Greens pulled in.