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Via Rail

I wanted to write a few words about my o-so-interesting trip to Toronto on Monday morning.

It began with the best intentions at 6 am as we pulled out of the Ottawa RR station…. would be in T.O. by mid-morning and arrive in time at the workshop I was attending to catch most of the morning speakers.

Then, at Brockville we were informed by the crew that there had been a derailment in the Kingston area and we would all be bussed to Union Station.

Yes – bussed!

Anyhoo – aside from remembering why I hate busses and never use them, we did arrive downtown after 1 pm and I did miss all of the am sessions AND (more importantly) lunch, but aside from that we were safe and sound.

But what I wanted to point out was the service of the crew of Train 41. No not in a negative sense, but in a positive way. They, in a fairly pressurised situation, handled themselves professionally and calmly. They kept passengers informed and were at all times very courteous.

One crew member in particular – named Catherine – was exemplary in her management of the problem.

VIA couldn’t at all be faulted for the delay and they have hired some good staff members…. kinda blows their image outta the water, eh?


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  1. Gordon says:

    I had an experience with VIA rail a couple of years ago in which the train manager went above and beyond to rectify the shortcomings of a train manager on another train. This resulted in me writing a letter to the president of VIA lauding his actions and my receiving a personal letter from the president of VIA in return. I’m sure that he received a gold star from the president of VIA on his next employee review, which can’t be a bad thing.

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