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March, 2007:

Remember when lawn darts weren’t illegal?

New link to check out.

If you want to know more about the malicious killing machines called “lawn darts“, then Yaker is your man.

Its perm home is to the left under Yaker’s Lawn Dart World


Québec and the new kid in town

I was glued to the computer and TV last night watching the Québec election results come in … reminded me of what happened in Ont. in the early 90’s when Bob Rae was elected in 1990. NO ONE saw it coming – absolutely no one.

I’m a bit concerned tho’ that QC is going the way of Ontario in the sense that the ex-urban and rural areas are discontented and voting in a party in protest… like the Conservative in Ontario, the ADQ seems to have tapped into this discontent and the schism between urban, ex-urban and rural is growing wider.

Combine that with the disproportionate representation that non-urban areas have in the National Assembly (and Parliament), and you have the potential for a sharp shift to the right – a shift that may not be reflective of the majority of voters – but reflective of a majority of those who don’t live in cities.

The real question what will this development do to the fortunes of federal Reform Conservatives in the province. Québec has traditionally voted to offset federal choices with provincial in terms of the political spectrum. Québec voters may feel that, because they have essentially turfed out the separatist péquistes, they need to balance that by voting for the BQ instead of the Conservatives.

Time will tell.

On another note, some of you may be aware that my Resident Love Goddess is due to give birth any minute now. So, if I am away from the blogosphere for a week or so, it isn’t due to laziness or a lack of good material, but because of sleepless nights, diapers and convincing our three year old that having a new sibling is a good thing.

Hopefully, I won’t have to convince the 14 year old of the same.


Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


Harper’s big biz buddies

Harper said the Conservatives represent the interests of “hard-working people who didn’t have the time to stage protests or the money to hire lobbyists.”


Of course, the Reform Conservatives certainly DO have the money to do both of the above. According to the Elections Canada database (which is very useful!), for the 2006 election, the Harperites were given $1.96 million by corporations. The Liberals received slightly less at $1.82 million and, not surprisingly, the NDP convinced businesses to part with $129,000.

Those whom Harper refers to as having time to stage protests, like the Greens, received only $16,000 smackeroos from business! Hardly enough to stage one of those pesky protests and not even close to retaining a half-decent lobbyist!

Maybe, if ol‘ Dead Eyes were serious about representing the interests of hard-working people, he should give back the almost 2 million that he and his cronies received for the last election.

Well, he can keep the equivalent of what the Greens pulled in.


Ottawa’s 2006 municipal elections – and Alex Munter

By now, anyone who has read my blog knows very well my opinion of the Ottawa Fish Wrapper. But it is said that even in a cesspool of filth and corruption, one can sometimes spot a flower.

So, in spite of the obvious hypocrisy, I feel I must point out this flower.

Randall Denley penned a piece today that speaks volumes about this particular journalist. I don’t always come down on the same side as Mr. Denley. He often writes a little too strongly from the right side of the spectrum and, in my humble opinion, he dwells too much on the shortcomings of city hall and its politicos and does not concentrate enough on the good things that are done by some very hard-working folks. As an ex-councillor myself (albeit on a much, MUCH smaller scale), I maintain a soft spot for those who toil in a most direct way for the citizens of this and all cities.

But this time, I find myself in Mr. Denley’s corner.

Randall voices well the need to ensure that if one stands for public office, money should not be an impediment. He uses Alex Munter (who Trashy supported) as an example. Alex is a guy that tried to run a grass-roots campaign based almost entirely on individual donations.

Munter’s final pitch says “Running a citywide, viable grassroots campaign for mayor funded almost entirely by individuals has not been done in decades. Most campaigns rely heavily on corporate donations. Let’s show that it can be done.”

It is quite correctly pointed out that municipal candidates do not have access to the party machinery and funds that are at the disposal of those at the provincial and federal levels. And if Mr. O’Brien decides to seek that mayoralty once again in 2010, money will most certainly not be an issue for this very wealthy man. But those with more modest means may be scared away from challenging for the seat if Mr. Munter ends up footing a 5-figure debt out of his own pocket.

So I echo Mr. Denley’s plea and ask that, even if you did not vote for Mr. Munter, please consider donating a few shekels in the name of democracy by hopefully showing potential quality candidates that elected office is not reserved for the moneyed among us.

The Munter campaign website is


On the road to T.O

I wanted to say a few words about a group of folks with whom I have the distinct pleasure of working for the past several years.

Overall, I have been fortunate to have as my day to day colleagues a diverse, intelligent and fun example of humanity. Due to a very strong suggestion falling from the corporate hierarchy, I cannot name the place where I work. I think the mandarins on high are afraid that certain bloggers, by associating themselves with the Corporation, may cast aspersions upon said Corporation.

I, of course, would never do such a thing. I like and respect the insitution for which I toil.

Anyhow, our little group at work knows who they are if they are reading this.

But there is another buncha folks who I work with only on a from-time-to-time basis on subject matters in which we share a personal and professional interest – environmental matters – specifically, garbage.

For those of you may have been wondering about the “Trashy” moniker – well there you have it. A certain colleague that we like to call El B was the first to give me the name and it has stuck for about 7 or 8 years.

To carry on about my garbage group (we have been talking about giving ourselves a “gang” name): never have I been associated with people such as these. From across the land, they are firmly committed to “saving the world” and we are all certain that if only we were put in charge of making the big decisions, humanity would no longer have to fret about garbage, global warming or air pollutants. All materials consumed by our society would be designed in such ways that the production, use and consumption of these goods would have a negligible effect on the planet.

But alas, we are not in charge.

I guess all I really wanted to say was “thanks” to and salute my work colleagues and to all those others from across Canada that I have had the pleasure of working with for the past 10 years. I don’t think any of us are truly appreciated for what we do and the energy and commitment that we put forth.

I’d canoe through a salad of alligators with any of you on any day.

NO – I’m not going anywhere anytime soon – just feeling reflective today… must be the imminent arrival of the mini-Trashy…. or maybe I need more coffee.


Via Rail

I wanted to write a few words about my o-so-interesting trip to Toronto on Monday morning.

It began with the best intentions at 6 am as we pulled out of the Ottawa RR station…. would be in T.O. by mid-morning and arrive in time at the workshop I was attending to catch most of the morning speakers.

Then, at Brockville we were informed by the crew that there had been a derailment in the Kingston area and we would all be bussed to Union Station.

Yes – bussed!

Anyhoo – aside from remembering why I hate busses and never use them, we did arrive downtown after 1 pm and I did miss all of the am sessions AND (more importantly) lunch, but aside from that we were safe and sound.

But what I wanted to point out was the service of the crew of Train 41. No not in a negative sense, but in a positive way. They, in a fairly pressurised situation, handled themselves professionally and calmly. They kept passengers informed and were at all times very courteous.

One crew member in particular – named Catherine – was exemplary in her management of the problem.

VIA couldn’t at all be faulted for the delay and they have hired some good staff members…. kinda blows their image outta the water, eh?


Dead eyes

Check it out…. ol‘ dead eyes is still referring to the Conservative Reform party’s kick at the minority can as “Canada’s New Government“.

I like the True North Strong and Free subheading on the site – nice touch. But at what point in time will they lose the “new”?

If they (gulp!) win a majority after they force an election?

What happens if the Liberals get back in (hahahahahaha!) after this year’s election?

Will they follow the same path and call themselves Canada’s New Old Government?

This is confusing.

One thing is for sure though – “dead eyes” – a moniker given to him by the daughter of some old friends – sure works for me!

Check it out.


Gotta love this damn country!

Where else would you see this??!!


Link to YouTube

Believe it or not, there a few lost souls that use Trashy’s World as their home page.

Nope, I don’t understand why either.

Anyhow, one of them asked me to put a direct link to You Tube in the links section… so being the cooperative blogger, that I am – you will now find said link in said spot.

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