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A message from a colleague

For the past week I have been asked a lot of questions about Smiths Falls and the future of Hershey’s in our town. Unfortunately things are not looking very promising at the moment because of corporate “transformation”, as they seem to be calling it. Taking out Hershey’s will not only devastate my town but also hurt the local economy and will be felt all over Canada, as many of the ingredients, packaging and transportation are produced/supplied by Canadian businesses. Hershey’s does not seem to be listening to the anticipated devastation this move will cause so we need to show them how important their business is to us. Below is the website address for the online petition our town has set up so that we can reach more people and cover more area than the paper copies at local business’ provide. I have been watching it daily and so far there are signatures from places such Vancouver, St. John’s and even as far south as Florida. The signatures currently total over 4200 (almost half the population of Smiths Falls!) and grow at a rate of around 2-3 a minute! What I am asking is please take 2 minutes and sign your name because (following Rideau Regional which is also slated to close in 2008) Hershey’s is the second largest employer in Smiths Falls, creating paychecks for over 500 people. Sadly enough there are 54 couples currently employed and this is their only source of income.


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