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New Strategic Counsel poll

From the G&M : “Were an election to be held today, 34 per cent of voters would opt for the Conservatives, up three points from last month. The Liberals are at 29 per cent, down six points from the same period, while the New Democratic Party is down one point to 14 per cent. The main beneficiary appears to be the Green Party, which has the support of 12 per cent of voters, up from eight per cent.”

Never was there a more appropriate use of the expression – “and it’s 2 miles long and one inch thick”… meaning that this support is very soft and subject to change quickly.

Suppose the PĂ©quistes gain power in QC?

Suppose that, tragically, more Canadian soldiers are killed in Afghanistan?

Suppose that Canadians begin to be aware of the proposed North American Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) talks between the US, Mexico and Canada… no not the nutbar version, but the factual one – it is a plan to harmonize the countries’ economic and security practices and may get increasing press in the coming months.

Suppose M. Dion finds charisma? Hey! It could happen!


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