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February 15th, 2007:

Harper is confident

Stevie the PM seems to be preening a little more these days as polls are indicating he is leading St├Ęphane Dion in terms of leadership qualities.

Of course, M. Dion is a very intelligent man but registers on the charisma meter at about the same level as cottage cheese.

Sorry to Liberals whom I am offending – but you know it’s true. Dion cannot win a majority running against SH (who himself has been called “dead eyes” by one of my friends). And the Conservative-Reform Party knows this very well.

Best of all for the CRPers, they now have a reason to call an election.

Last night, the House passed a PMB calling for the government to meet its Kyoto commitments. All three Opposition parties supported it and the CRP voted against it. Now it goes to the Senate.

Now, the boyz in blue KNOW they cannot win an election fought on the environment – but with Dion at the helm, they know they won’t lose it either and could quite possible be returned as another minority government… seemingly accomplishing little in the process except for one big and expensive election.


What if this is their real strategy? What if they want an election and don’t mind coming back in a minority situation because this buys them more time – perhaps a couple more years – to convince Canadians that they should not only trust them with the cash register…. but they should give them the combination to the safe too!

And it might just work. Dion is unelectable outside the bedrock Liberal ridings. Plus, the Greens will bleed away some of the left Liberal vote (don’t ask me what they will do to the Dippers – it won’t be pretty!). The CRPers will lose some seats to the BQ in QC and a couple in Eastern Ontario, but they will pretty much stay as we see them.

But they buy some time.

Then the Liberals pick a new (and electable) leader.

And then, a couple years down the road, we find out who gets the combination to the safe and who gets hired as a clerk.