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February 7th, 2007:

Dateline: St. John’s


Long day of traveling yesterday and still a little woozier than usual. Mechanical probs delayed the Halifax arrival of our big steel and plastic tube, and after de-icing, etc., we weren’t approaching the Rock until 2 am-ish.

Another nice Delta – this one seems pretty new. Great biz centre and a nice view. Gonna meet up with Sandra and Bruce later for some fish and chips then it’ll be off to the testing facility for some more focus groups.

I anticipate that, if nothing else, these groups and interviews may well be the most entertaining thus far. All of the folks I’ve run into thus far have had gr8 big personalities and I’m sure to see more of the same today and tomorrow.

I have always been intrigued by the Newfoundlanders I have met in the past. They’re folks who are right out there. Right out front – and, as someone who tends to be the same – I appreciate that.

They are also part of my increasingly and somewhat disturbing awakening to the reality that we Central Canucks are not at all representative of the rest of the country. As I have noted in these lines before, there is the obvious “other” solitude that is Quebec…. never used to accept someone who spoke those lines in my younger days, but now it is simply de facto… but there are many, many other distinct communities within our community as a whole. And this realisation spurs me to reconsider what be the common bonds that hold this whole shooting match (Canada) together.

Must ponder on that some more. We’re are so damned different but we have wandered along more or less together for about 140 years…


Dateline: Halifax

Observations on Halifax’s ACC lounge…

Johnny Black on the rack.

Habs / Canes on the tube.

Food leaves much to be desired tho’… some cheese and olives…. that’s it.

Flight is delayed an hour – won’t be on the Rock ’till 1 am… oh well… wake up late and look for some crab cakes, I guess.

Flew over Montreal and Sherbrooke – could pick out my father-in-law’s hood!

O’er and out b’y (practicing for NL).