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February 1st, 2007:

Dateline: Regina, Part II

Gee, I leave town for a few days and the Leafs go on a tear….Coincidence?

Maybe I should leave town for good and we’ll see the Cup this season!

Dunno if I’d stay here tho’… freakin‘ cold again this morning…. probably my punishment for calling Amanda from sunny and warm Vancouver…. just to rub in the sunny and warm part.

Interesting folks out here from a survey testing point of view. The more I wander this country, the more the differences slap you upside the face! But by far the biggest disparities are between the southern Ontarians… and everyone else! Friendly and kind folks abound in this country from coast to coast…. and I’m not saying that ALL Torontonians are anal retentive, suspicious “what’s-in-it-4-me” types… but wow – when one looks at the Reginans, Vancouverites, Haligonians, etc., one can’t help but wonder what kind of crap is being introduced into the southern Ontario water supply!

Final day in this place where they don’t salt their roads…. early flight tomorrow and back to the office to check email…