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Trashy is on the road and reporting from the Air Canada Lounge in sunny and warm Vancouver, BC!

Out here testing a new survey – but am sadly leaving after just 24 hrs… sadly. sadly. sadly.

Now it’s on to Regina!


Some may be wondering how did a poor scribbler like myself con my way into the hallowed halls of AC’s elite. Well, my travelling companion has – due to enough qualifying miles – earned his way into this sanctuary – and whatta sanctuary! Free food! Free booze! Comfy couches and a very civilized atmosphere… much unlike what those other plebs have to suffer through!

But, alas, we must leave in a half hour or so to join the rabble at our boarding gate.

How trite.

Then we’re off to Calgary and yet another layover (and another Lounge – yes, it looks better when capitalized).

One quick remark about the destruction in Stanley Park – man – Mom Nature still calls the shots! HUGE freakin‘ cedars snapped off half way up and others uprooted. Simply incredible.

Oh – I’ll link to some pics when I get back to Ottawawa.


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