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Two thousand and freakin’ SEVEN!

How ’bout dat?

Where the hell did 2006 disappear to – or for that matter, 2005 and 2004?

Anyhoo – here’s my first scribbling of the year.

It’s before 8 am and this meek scribbler has been wide awake for about an hour, looking through the window panes out onto a cloudy Ottawa morn. Lots of freezing rain last night. But our travels ended before the precip hit.

Last night, we were at our good friends, Jeff and Brigitte, who proudly showed off their beautiful and (relatively) newly purchased abode. Then we were treated to a spectacular dinner which they obviously devoted much time in preparing and was surely much more than this less than adequate “chef” could ever hope to serve! Even our 3 year old subunit stayed in good humour until it was about 2 hours past her regular bedtime and the antsiness began. Hence our early – and sober – arrival home last night, and my hangover-free New Year’s Day.

We of course toasted the new year and said goodbye to the old, albeit a tad prematurely. And each of in turn had words to say. So – to the purpose of this note, here are my simple wishes for 2007.

  1. I wish for the health of all of my family and friends to stay robust throughout the year. I especially wish for and eagerly anticipate the healthy arrival of our new son in March.
  2. Tangent to the above, I wish that all of my friends and family have reasons to smile more often in 2007.
  3. I, perhaps with great innocence, wish for less hate in the world for this year and each year hereafter. Hate is a scourge that is killing kids, starving nations and destroying hope in so many parts of the world.
  4. I fervently wish for sanity to make an appearance or two in the presence of some of our leaders. Iraq and Afghanistan are two (while not the only) of those places in the world where hate has dominated and leaders – specifically Messrs Harper and Bush – really have to reassess our involvement in these regions and whether it is in the national interests of both countries to sacrifice the lives of our sons and daughters trying to solve problems that a) we don’t really understand and b) are so deeply rooted in hate that many generations will pass before some semblance of civil society emerges.
  5. I wish that the Harperites are turfed out in the election that is sure to be held before year’s end.
  6. Finally *sigh* – I wish that my beloved Maple Leafs win the Cup this year. Please?


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