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Penguins may be on the move?

So now that the Isle of Capril group did not get the slots license in Pittsburgh, the Pens’ days there may be numbered.

So – if they do move, where do they go?

There have been all sorts of rumours about possible relocations to places like Kansas City (yeah – sure – wasn’t this tried before) and that hot-bed of hockey traditionLas Vegas.

The NHL VP Bill Daly acknowledged that Canuck cities would be considered if the Pens moved… but do we really think this will happen? Despite the NHL’s brays to the contrary, Gary “the mouse” Bettman has shown time and time again a preference for U.S. expansions and has pooh-poohed new Canadian entries. He is stuck in this wonderworld of hockey jingoism thinking that it is only a matter of time before hockey in the U.S, becomes more popular than, let’s say, lawn bowling.

It is time that the NHL admit that the unchecked expansions into cities like Atlanta, Columbus, Phoenix and Florida have been mistakes and start refocusing energies into getting franchises into Canadian Cities where the fan support will be unwavering.

Places like Winnipeg, Quebec City, Halifax and Hamilton spring to mind.


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