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December 9th, 2006:

Harper is toxic!

Not a bad move, really.
Beginning a process that should have been done long ago,
What I am talking about is the announcement this week by the Harper government that they will begin studying the effects of hundreds of different known toxins that are part and parcel of many of the products we consume in Canada.
The stuff that makes no-stick frying pans “no stick”. The chemicals that enhance the flexibility of certain plastics (I think these ones are what make Wal Mart and other low end retail outlets have that chemical odour) plus hundreds more very commonplace chemicals are to be rigourously tested and analyzed in light of their effects on human health.
Why is this a great move?
Well, extensive domestic and international literature have already documented several of these targeted substances as toxic and the government, in its role as a guardian of its citizens’ general health, should be obliged to do this work,
The second reason is purely political – some astute staffer somewhere (likely in the PMO) realized that they were been beaten badly on the environmental portfolio… especially with Dion as the new Liberal leader. This is an area that has not been specifically addressed by the Grits, so why not try for a win on at least one front.
Much as I am against most of what this government says or does on any given day, I have to give them a thumbs-up on this one!
And THAT hurts!