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December 2nd, 2006:

Where is that damned Green Party application form?

2:12 pm.
The blogosphere and the Mothercorp, and Mercer and Kinsella are all saying that this is Dion’s to lose now.
I believe them.
The 3rd ballot results should be out in the next 30 minutes or so.


Liberal Convention

I’ll talk about the speeches later, but here some observations as of noon on Saturday:

Iggy has stalled.
Rae has the momentum.
Betting the farm that there is going to be a Dion – Kennedy alliance and an Iggy – Rae coupling.
Kennedy will be able to deliver delegates to Dion better than Rae to Iggy.
No idea how this going to turn out – but Iggy is toast unless Rae can deliver more than seems possible.
Man, I can live with Rae as a leader – prefer Kennedy of course… but I really don’t see the winnability of another QC leader.
Here’s a question – where will Dryden’s delegates go?