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December 1st, 2006:

Ottawa – whatzup? I really don’t "get" why many of…

Ottawa – whatzup? I really don’t “get” why many of the fine citizens of Ottawa – or Canada for that matter – despise the Toronto Maple Leafs to such a degree. Has Paul Maurice done donuts on someone’s lawn in Barrhaven?

Doubt it.

Has Mats Sundin poisoned the soup at one of the Tim Horton’s in Kanata?

Don’t think so.

Did Tie Domi make an indecent proposal to someone’s daughter out in Navan? Might have – but no evidence of it.

Ottawa can be a funny place to live… even if you put the whole politics things aside for a moment (which is admittedly pretty tough to do). Sometime it seems like the town is just that – a town – not a major city that happens to be the capital of the ol’ true North Strong and Free. Having grown up in a place that would make Mayberry seems almost chic, I can see the similarities between Bytown and Humphrey. Don’t misunderstand me. I’ve lived here for 9 years and love Ottawa. It is my home and I plan on staying here for the foreseeable future – but the sportz fans here really do have to snap out of the small town mode.

Don’t diss T.O. so much. Torontonians don’t care. They really don’t.

Stay at your games at least until the middle of the third period. There IS a second half of the period. Forget about how packed the 417 will be. Sit back. Mellow.

Don’t assume that just because someone is a Leaf fan that they are by definition a fan of Toronto in general. This is often not true. Growing up 150 miles north of the Big Smoke in cottage country, we learned to despise those from the South. It was taught in high school.

Above all, learn to live with the painful truth that the Senators will never, NEVER defeat the blue and white when it counts – in the playoffs.Sorry – had to get that dig in. Next time on Trashy’s sportz: Soccer – why Canadians suck at the Beautiful Game