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November 20th, 2006:

Been away for a while

I don’t know why I abandoned this for as long as I did. I DO like to spout off and I by and large DON’T care much about which unfortunate soul may be at the receiving end of my blah-blah’s.

Lately, I have noticed a marked change in strategy for the Conservatives. They have gone from the PMO command and control mode to the “holy crap! We’re still the government! what the hell can we screw up this week!” approach.

First it was the Rona show at the Climate Change conference last week. What an opportunity to try and sell the Conservative commitment to, uh, climate change emission reductions!

But, uh-uh – she takes the opportunity to bitch about the Liberals and how they screwed things up for the good guys – the Conservatives!

Being named after a popular Canadian home supply store can’t be easy and it must from time to time impede on her ability to jump out of and run around that 6m x 4m spruce plywood box, but, shouldn’t she have at least acknowledged something along the lines of a step in the right direction?

Saw a great Fifth Estate last week – this show never ceases to amaze me.

This time it was about the so-called climate change “deniers”… turns out there is a group of academics who use their credentials to poo-poo a number of contentious subjects like climate change, the effect of cigarettes on health and the notion the earth is round. Many of these scientists have migrated to the Conservative crowd screaming out to anyone that cares that climate change is (take your pick) : not really happening ; is happening, but is completely natural and human activities have nothing to do with it, or; is damned fine since we’ll soon be able to grown bananas in the oil patch!

Anyhow – Steve and Rona are taking their cues from these yahoos. They have to be. Right? I mean, we wouldn’t have knowingly elected a Prime Minister and Cabinet who would whine about how the neighbourhood bullies messed up the planet, tables “air quality” legislation that completely ignores climate change and then turn to flat-earthers to back them up. Would we?