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December, 2005:


Short note:
Twenty-five years ago, I woke up on a normal weekday to ready myself for another day in the life of some anonymous head banger 17 year old in grade 12.
CFTR AM radio – one of the few stations we picked up in Parry Sound in the mid-70’s, gave me the news that day – and oh boy.
First class was American history. The teacher was a total tool but we didn’t care that day.
Even though my generation was a wee bit young to remember the Beatles to any measurable extent – we did know about Wings and we knew about Lennon… they we were a part of our lives.
And Lennon was a man of peace above else.
And we could use a few more like him these days.
Peace, friends.


A Metaphor for Canada…

Paul Martin woke up one day last week and it was a glorious, sunny day.
There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. So Mr. Martin decided to walk into parliament instead of getting driven. As he was strolling along he looked up at the sun and asked “Mr. Sun, who is the greatest Prime Minister that there ever was?” And the sun answered, “Why Paul, you are, of course. So he smiled and went to work and had a great day.

On the walk home, he once again looked up and asked the sun, “Mr. Sun, who is the greatest Prime Minister that there ever was and the Sun answered, “Paul, you are a moron. You are an embarrassment as a Prime Minister, the worst that the country has ever seen.

“But I don’t understand,” Mr. Martin said. “This morning you said that I was great.”

“Well yes,” the sun answered. “This morning I was in the east. Now I am in the west.


"all taxes are bad"

Harper takes aim – at taxes – in general.
Apparently all taxes are bad. Wow. What an economic insight from a supposed “economist”
Let’s move on to “Liberals are bad” or “stinky people are bad.”
Way to elevate the political debate thing Stevie!