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November, 2005:

Conservatives – ah, they will never learn!

Days away from the dropping of the writ and already the Conservatives are self-destructing!
With friends like Ralph, who needs enemies?

That being said, the Grits better be smarter campaign-wise, this time around. Run on your economic record ya fools!!!!

Whether or not certain Liberals are as scrupulous as Tony Soprano is questionable. But what is certain is the economic prosperity we have enjoyed under the Liberal rule.

Push that message and you’ll come out OK… my not sweep the nation or anything, but you may, just may squeak out a majority!

More on this later.


American use of phosphorus in Iraq

Sometimes, I don’t believe what is happening in the US of A… well, maybe I do.
Well, that’s fine y’all in the name of national security. Your with us or agin us, remember!
Chemical attacks on civilians?
It ain’t a chemical you see. Besides, wasn’t Dresden a whole lot worse than a few hundred women and children being burned alive?
Search and seizure and goodbye to habeas corpus?
Gotta get your priorities straight boy! Remember 9/11 – they started it!
Check out the link to the CBC story… my stomach is turning ever so frequently.