The CPC, liars since 2006…

Harper is at the post, and there goes the starter’s pistol!!

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CAPE budget vote passes…

The CPC, liars since 2006…

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Yeah, forget about the Parliamentary Budget Office saying that we are already in deficit.

Like, what do they know?

The Harper Reform Party – lying comes so naturally to them.


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trashee @ July 31, 2015

Harper is at the post, and there goes the starter’s pistol!!

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Lots of speculation in the MSM and social media about when Stevie is going to visit the GG. The conventional wisdom is that he will make the walk (naw, he’ll be driven) sometime in August in order to make a long campaign a reality; a campaign where the CPC can spend, spend, spend their way to another victory.

The signs are already there for anyone who cares to look:

  • The Annual Steve Shows He Cares About The North Tour™ has been cancelled for this year.
  • Skippy gave away his gazillions to each and every family with kids in the country…until tax time, of course.
  • The polls are inexplicably showing CPC strength and upward trends in most of the country (hmmm… might be tied to Skippy’s Gazillions™?)
  • The Duffster trial is due to crank up again on August 11, with Sir Nigel up as the first witness. The Harper brain-trust (which is, of course, Steve and Steve alone) might think it wise to get the campaign rolling just as the trial resumes in order to front-load any potential damage that the trial may have into the earliest part of the campaign… then spend gazillions on ads designed to change the channel.

So if August, then when?

I looked up some Canada-related significant dates in August, as we know that SH the PM is very into tying himself to the past…

Aug. 13, 1535 – Cartier becomes the first European to sail into the St. Lawrence River, which he believes is a route to Asia. Two sons of Iroquois Chief Donnacona, who are guiding Cartier, refer to their native village as Canada, the explorer’s first exposure to the name.

Aug. 3, 1876 – The first telephone call between separate buildings is made by inventor Alexander Graham Bell, in Mount Pleasant, Ont., to his uncle, David Bell, in Brantford, Ont.

Aug. 12, 1728 – Danish sailor Vitus Johassen Bering sails through the strait that now bears his name in an expedition that would prove that Asia and North America are some 60 kilometres apart.

Aug. 4. 1914 – Following Germany’s invasion of Belgium, Britain declares war on Germany. Canada, as part of the British Empire, is engaged in the war as well.

Aug. 19, 1942 – Canadian troops sustain major losses in a raid on the French port of Dieppe. Nearly 1,000 Canadians die and another 1,800 are taken prisoner.

Aug. 10, 1960 – The Bill of Rights, specifying the rights of Canadians, becomes law. (OK. I just threw this one in to see if you were paying attention! We all know that Harper would never make an election announcement on a day when those pesky “rights” were enshrined!)

Of the above, I would suggest 4th, 13th or 19th. The 4th and 19th both ring loudly in the military history and Steve might be tempted to make the visit on one of those two days. But he runs the risk of pissing off veterans and others as this might be seen as making political hay out of military events (when Steve likes to do, of course).

But, recognising that Harper will not make the northern swing and the still-fairly-recent discoveries of the Franklin ships AND the uptick in ads trumpeting the ol’ true north strong and free motif (the one with the icebreakers), my bet would be on the 12th. It is a Wednesday, not so early that Canadians would grumble about having their summers “ruined”, but not so late as to take full advantage of the CPC war chest. That date is also 13 days after the latest GDP numbers are released… numbers that may quite possibly show that we are indeed in a recession. AND the Wright testimony should be over by then, allowing Harper to go into damage-control mode early in the campaign rather than later when Canadians might actually remember this on their way to the polling stations.

Of course, all of the above might be totally off base and the writ will be dropped in September. Who can really know the mind of Sir Steve? (5)

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trashee @ July 28, 2015

Progressive Bloggers

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I would like to give a quick tip of the hat to Scott (of Scott’s Diatribes) and the others behind the scene who make the blog aggregator – Progressive Bloggers – plug along year after year… And now in its TENTH FREAKING YEAR! 

Older than the Harperite nightmare, it is!

Quite an accomplishment, indeed.

For those of you not in-the-know, PG accepts applications from like-minded progressive bloggers to be included on its site. It is THE collection of blog posts that promote, to one degree or another, the belief that progressive policies and thinking should be the cornerstone of public policy decisions. I’ve been a member of this site for, um, about 6 or 7 of the ten years (I think) and will often click on the PG posts to see what crazy shit is the talk of the day.

Now, the blogs that feed into this site vary pretty widely on the political spectrum from centrist to the far left. And we don’t always agree with one another. But, unlike the vitriol that is often spat from similar regressive conservative sites, we progressives are usually respectful of our differences and civil in our dialogues.

Keep up the great work, Scott! Have a nice celebration today… I believe a chai latte is on the menu, no? (13)

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trashee @ July 25, 2015

CAPE budget vote passes…

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But with only 62% of the vote, it is hardly a landslide. These votes usually are in the 90’s in favour.

I’d love to see the breakdown by Local because I don’t know a single person who voted for this.

Now. How does a Local leave a union?

Stay tuned. (4)

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trashee @ July 15, 2015

The triumph of reason and science – a close-up look at Pluto!

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photo-458 (28)

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trashee @ July 14, 2015

Harper is talking about our recession…

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… er, economic downturn in front of a crowd of Grade fivers because…

– They are only a few years younger than the PMO short pant staffers who set up this photo-op, so could talk about cool stuff common to them in between takes…

– He has found a group of economic advisors with better insights into the Canadian economy than the Finance Minister.

– In true conservative fashion, they dodged labour laws by having to pay the stand-ins only a few freezies for their time,

– Just for kicks, the PMO opted for a background of bored kids as opposed to the usual background of bored adults.

Bottom line – they may want to think twice before making an economic announcement in front of a bunch of kids next time. Maybe talk about your foreign policy objectives… those are pretty much at the 10-year-old level…

harper (4)

Ottawa, Ontario

trashee @ July 12, 2015

Yet another reason I hope that my union Local leaves CAPE…

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I’ve bitched about this before.

But “my” union – the Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) used to shy away from the militant activities of other public sector unions like PSAC. By and large, the Local’s members believe that a union serves two purposes: collective bargaining and representation and help in the case of a dispute with the employer.

And I get that. And agree with our historical approach to labour relations.

Yesterday was the final day of voting on the next union budget…  which includes a $ 1 million strike fund and will leave the members with a tripling of dues. At least.

I, of course, voted no to this ridiculous and reckless spending but I fear that apathy will again win the day and the budget will be passed.

But on to the other reason why I think that this Union isn’t for me: The leadership is all proud and fuzzy about Greece standing up to those Euro bastards who insist on being paid back their taxpayers’ money because, due to Greece’s incompetence and a legacy of corruption, they can’t manage their own affairs.

Gee. I default on my mortgage, go to my bank. Ask for more money and better terms.


Do I want any of my dues going to supporting the Greece mess? Of course not.

Here’s hoping that apathy did not win the day and we can put the silliness of strike talk to bed for good and the union leadership “gets” that peripheral activities like supporting a messed up country is not what the membership wants.

Or my Local will leave. We have done it before. (40)

Ottawa, Ontario

trashee @ July 11, 2015

A moral leader???? Canada???

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That’s rich!

Harper and the CPC has taken our country from moral high ground to the sewers in 9 short (albeit looonnnggg) years.

Canadians will see through these lies in the fall.

From one of their increasingly desperate emails: 


Ottawa, Ontario

trashee @ June 26, 2015

Deano the jailbird

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As much as Cons are blubbering about the injutice of it all, Del Mastro is a convicted criminal, once one of Harper’s trusted Lieutenants, who will now do time.

I wonder about Steve’s judgement on this guy. Maybe he’s not ready to be Prime Minister.

The not-so-honourable member from Peterborough broke the law. And justice sucks sometimes. But as much as the Harperites are going on about this, they have to accept that they are not above the law.


So. Suck it up, princesses. (22)

Ottawa, Ontario

trashee @ June 25, 2015

Government travel

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Just a short note to express my displeasure in seeing a whole lot of attention being paid to what are really fairly reasonable travel expenses. 

I get that there needs to be oversight and that MPs need to be conscious and prudent because they are, after all, expensing public dollars. I’m a public servant and have travelled fairly extensively over my 18 year career.

For example, Deepak Obhrai, Conservative MP for Calgary East, expensed $3,514.05 for two trips from Calgary to Ottawa and one from Ottawa to Calgary.

Really, that’s unreasonable?

Sounds about right to me.

So I checked aircanada.com and yeah, you could buy those three trips in economy at about $500 a pop for a total of about $1500… Less than half the cost of what was expensed.

OK. But let me qualify this: I set a departure date of ten days from now and a one week stay. What people outside government may not understand is that we in the PS have to use a centralized booking system. This, in theory, is supposed to save money. However, the reality is that travel requests are triaged so that the requests that are the most imminent are those that get booked first. So booking the flight 10 days in advance? That almost never happens. It is usually 48-72 hours before the departure date and hence, prices are higher.

And yes, I checked that too and the cost of the flights would have been $780 apiece for a total of about $2300… only $1200 in total less than what was expensed.

And these were for economy class seats. I for one, wouldn’t begrudge a senior (or junior) member of government flying business class for a flight of this length. Hops between YOW and YYZ? No. But I’d like my MP to use their travel time wisely and get some work done on these flights…. which is next to impossible in economy.

Bottom line – if we are going to highlight and criticize MP expenses, and we should, then let’s focus on the big stuff and not nitpick items that are beyond the pol’s power to control or are really so minor as to be immaterial. (28)

Ottawa, Ontario

trashee @ June 20, 2015